Monthly Archives: September 2014

Declaration for Democracy

The WEA has been working with Democracy Matters on developing a Declaration of Democracy, which will ask the main political parties to make a commitment to political education in their election manifestos.

On International Day of Democracy next Monday (15th Sept) we will be helping to build support for this initiative through a “Thunderclap” of messages on Twitter, Facebook and other social media which will all go out at the same time.

If you have a social media account (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr), please take a moment to sign up at Thunder Clap for Democracy. Once you have given permission for access to your account, it will automatically send a message at 8am on Monday 15th to say:

“We call on all parties to support #learning4democracy and inclusive politics. Please RT now.”

This is an important initiative which supports our mission to inspire people to become active citizens so I hope you will join us and sign up.

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